Hello and a happy new year to you!

So, a couple of very exciting trailers have hit the internet that are “me” centric without me actually being in the trailers themselves. They are both for things which aren’t out for a while yet, but hopefully will get you juices flowing.

Firstly (and yes, I am a little late in putting this up) the first trailer for ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ here it is…

Look pretty good eh? I am actually in the above trailer, if you squint and pause at about two minutes in you can see my back. I promise I am in the actual film more. Edge Of Tomorrow is not out until the end of May in the UK and early June in the US, like I said a bit of a wait yet.

The second trailer is for the fourth season of ‘Game Of Thrones’ here it is…

Words cannot convey how cool that trailer is. As the trailer says season (series) four airs on 6th April a day or so later, I believe, in the UK. There are also some very cool GOT teaser Vines over yonder.

I also have a whole load of stuff that I am in coming out between now and the summer, I promise to update this site more as and when these things are available.

And thanks to all (five or six) of you who have been asking after new Thomas and Way podcasts.

Rhys and I will be making more soon, we promise. Work got in the way last year and to be honest, hopefully it will this year, but we will try our best to find more time to have a beer and record our rambles for you.

Until then, bye!