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I am an actor, a writer, comedy man, podcaster and idiot.

Here you can see, hear and smell things that I am, have been, or will be doing on film, television, radio, or just about the house.

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Hello and a happy new year to you!

So, a couple of very exciting trailers have hit the internet that are “me” centric without me actually being in the trailers themselves. They are both for things which aren’t out for a while yet, but hopefully will get you juices flowing.

Firstly (and yes, I am a little late in putting this up) the first trailer for ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ here it is…

Look pretty good eh? I am actually in the above trailer, if you squint and pause at about two minutes in you can see my back. I promise I am in the actual film more. Edge Of Tomorrow is not out until the end of May in the UK and early June in the US, like I said a bit of a wait yet.

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AYNIK is now Edge Of Tomorrow


So if you read my twitter or Facebook feed, you have probably noticed, or more likely been bored by, my constant going on about ‘All You Need is Kill’ the Doug Liman directed and Tom Cruise starring film I finshed six months of filming on this March. The reason for the sudden and constant AYNIK tweets and posts is because there was a sudden rush of news about the film.

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